Hello, BishopLord here.  Although not my real name, I came up with this name several years back when trying to create a new handle or nickname for a forum board.  Bishop is taken from my favorite X-Men character, and Lord, we’ll…  Although I’m not very religious, I do believe in The Lord.  🙂  I always wanted to create a blog site and I was bored today (10/28/10) and came across someone else’s blog site and figured “why not?”.

I always wanted to document the things that go on everyday in our daily lives, not necessarily the private times, but the little things that may go unnoticed.  I’ve always told myself that I need to start carrying my camera to document things.  Going forward, I’ll do so and upload what I see on this blog.  Got to get tuned in people… life goes by so fast, blink and you’ll miss it.  Also, try to pay attention to the clues that are given to you each day.  They come in the form of syncronicity.