Home theater

The home theater is finally cleaned and ready to go.

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2 Responses to Home theater

  1. Nice set up… Must have taken some time to get that up and running. Looks fantastic.

  2. BishopLord says:

    Thank you. Actually it wasn’t that difficult and took about a weekend’s worth of time. I did it all myself (my wife did help me carry the screen upstairs, though). It was quick and dirty and something I was testing out to see if it could be done. I bought several $10 curtains from Wal-Mart and some $3 curtain rods from Target and hung the curtains on the wall. I then bought something like 5 yards of black material from an internet site for about $35 shipped and used that as the topper above the brown curtain. As for the black material near the screen, those were black curtains also from Wal-Mart. I used 3 of them ($12 each).

    I bought small area rugs from Wal-Mart for $17 each and then attached rope lights around them. The chairs I got off Ebay for $167 each. They’re refurbed and looked new. They came from some cabin-style resort where each of their top of the line cabins had a 12 seat theater. The Epson 8100 is situated on a speaker “tripod” that cost about $40. The two blue chairs I got off craigslist for $45, LOL. The screen is a 150″ Elite I got off of Amazon last summer on sale for less than $200 shipped.

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