Day 111 – The South Beach Diet – 295.4 lbs

Slowly but surely, down to 295.4 lbs this morning.  Day 111.  Meeting my goal of 10 lbs a month weight loss, yay.

  • Start: 327.3
  • Current: 295.4
  • Goal: 250
New goal: 250lbs by February 2012.

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That’s awesome.  Thanks honey! (Pic taken by my wife)

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Day 68 – The South Beach Diet – 304.5 lbs

Wow, day 68 already?  I actually lost count of what day I was on and had to “do the math” from my last blog entry.  I’ll admit, I lost my way there for a moment and fell off track – however, I didn’t fall off so bad that I put weight back on, I just got bored with what I was doing.  However, I snapped myself out of this slump last week when I was on vacation (man, I should have posted something about that…) and went back to Phase 1.

Anyhow, I’ll keep this brief.  I may have fell off the plan somewhat, but I still ate my healthy lunch and dinner and didn’t gain any weight.  I also didn’t stop working out, either.  I actually set a couple personal bests in the weight room today and yesterday.  I never tried this before but I was able to flat bench with 80lbs dumbbells (160lbs).  That felt awesome!  Today I was doing seated shoulder presses with 63lbs dumbbells (126lbs).  I don’t recall ever doing that before, but 14 years ago I was military pressing 205lbs, but that was with a straight bar.

  • Start: 327.3
  • Current: 304.5
  • Goal: 205
  • Weeks left: 60



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Day 33 – The South Beach Diet

Weighed in this morning at 312.0

I had a very decent week in regards to what I ate.  I ate 4 slices of low bread total this week; Two on Saturday, two on Tuesday night.  I also had more than a few low carb tortillas this week as well.  Overall I’m happy with the weight loss.  Like I told myself before, as long as my weigh in’s are less than the last one, then it’s all good.

I didn’t do any cardio or walking at all this week, however, I have hit the gym every day this week. Had my best workout yesterday :)  We stopped by Bel Air on the way home and I picked up some chicken, broccoslaw and these sugar free treats. Like previous sugar free treats, they gave me the shits a few hours later. They act just like laxatives.  I wonder if my body can build a tolerance?

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Noticed something….

I noticed that my 2nd S.B. post’s date is double from the 1st post; Same for the 4th post vs. 3rd post.   Also, most of my weight ends in .4

I’ll see if I can break this cycle next week.  I’m going to weigh in next Friday, June 24th.

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Day 26 – The South Beach Diet – 313.4 lbs

So… I skipped entering my weight the past week.  I was disappointed on June 8th when I weighed myself and I was 313.7 lbs.  That was 4 days after my last weigh in and I switched to Phase II on June 5th.  However, by June 11th, I weighed myself and I was up to 317.whatever and I was really disappointed in myself.  I think what did it was that I ate a whole container of shell-less pistachios in a span of 2 days.  You can have 30 pistachios a day, and I ate probably 900?  LOL.

I got to learn better portion control.  The wife is hiding the scale from me.  I asked her to do it and she’s doing a good job at it.  I tend to get so obsessed with weighing myself.  Anyhow, I kind of went back to Phase I to drop the added weight and got myself down to 313.4 lbs this morning.  Not bad.  4 lbs in 5 days and I haven’t been exercising as much or drinking as much water.  I’m doing probably less than a gallon of water now as I haven’t been exercising or walking as much as I was in the beginning.  I have been going to the gym every other day, though.  I’m going to go down there again this afternoon after lunch.

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Day 13 on The South Beach Diet

Doing great on this way of eating.  I weighed in this morning @ 314.4 lbs.

I checked the previously saved settings on my scale and noticed back on 12/09/10 I weighed 317.6 lbs.  I pretty much undid 6 months of damage in 2 weeks!  As i may have stated in my last post, I’m not sure how much I put back on but I did start semi-low carb back in mid-March, and then just 2 1/2 weeks ago when I finally weighed myself I was 331 lbs.

Looking forward to next weeks weigh in.  I think I’ll just stay with Friday instead of Sunday.

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Day 8 on the South Beach Diet (Week One)

Week 1 completed of The South Beach Diet.  Weight loss = 9 lbs

  • Start: 327.3
  • Current: 318.4
  • Goal: 205
  • Weeks left: 69

I’ve given myself 70 weeks to reach my goal.  I hope this will not be too difficult to achieve as I will need to lose an average of 1.8 lbs a week.  I’m already 3 1/2 weeks ahead of schedule.  Previously, I had lost 80 lbs in 6 months doing Atkins, but at that time I had a start weight of 365 lbs! (and then I rapidly put back on 45+ lbs! :( )  I’m not sure exactly how much weight I put back on after I stopped Atkins, but I changed my eating habits back in mid-March and kept my eating semi-low carb – and on 05/16 I stepped on the scale for the 1st time in over a year and I weighed 331.4 lbs. and by Friday, 05/22 I got down to 327.3 – I could not button this shirt I am wearing in the video a few months ago.

These videos and blog will help me reach my goal and will be a great tool to guarantee my success as I’ll be able to see my weight loss results and this will keep me on track and to track my progress. :)  So far I really like The South Beach Diet.  Unlike Atkins, I do not have to count carbs or weigh my food.  Technically, it’s a low-carb diet but the book states that it is not low-carb.  I eat plenty of carbs but not from sources like high fructose corn syrup, white flour, white sugar or certain fruits.  Sounds like Atkins & other low carb diets but it’s not.  I’m able to enjoy all sorts of vegetables and have 3 snacks a day.  Unlike Atkins, certain red meats are not allowed either.  Not that eating these meats won’t allow you to drop the weight, but because they’re higher in bad fats and this is not good for your heart (or cholesterol, etc.)  So only healthy cuts of red meat, breasts of chicken or turkey, all fish, lamb and veal are allowed.  Dark meat poultry is discouraged and not allowed in Phase 1.

As stated, certain fruits are not allowed as they are high in fructose.  You do not want to eat to much of this as it will raise your blood sugar.  The goal of this diet plan is not to raise your blood sugar – hence the low carb efficiency of the plan.

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Day 4 of South Beach Diet

Thought I would make a quick post about my status on the South Beach Diet.  I started this plan on May 22, 2011 and I’m on day 4.  So far so great!  I’m down 4.9 lbs already.  Sure, it’s water weight but I’ve been working my ass off lifting weights, riding the stationary bike twice a day and walking up to 2 miles a day and of course, I’ve been following the diet plan regarding what to eat and what not to eat.  More to come.

Start Weight:  327.3
Current Weight:  322.4

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What’s wrong with this picture?

Seen this the other day when I stopped by Lowes.

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